Residents of care center De Lovie Installing the leaves at castle De Lovie






Former situation




space-filling site-specific installation. 9x 10 meters

Kasteel De Lovie Poperinge. Kunstenfestival Watou Sense of Place

Thanks to zorgcentrum De Lovie, Mondriaanfonds and Stichting Stokroos


14 cubic meters of autumn leaves

The Kunstenfestival Watou is a Summers festival, but except in this room, it;’s autumn.

The estate of Kasteel De Lovie houses a care center for people with an intellectual disability. The open-mindedness of the residents was the inspiration for the concept; everyone has memories of childhood and the joyful temptation to rummage through the leaves and let them whirl! 

A short film in which the residents are installing the artwork; running and roaming through the leaves accompanies the installation.


The work inspired Stijn Vranken to his poem ‘Alle Tijd Volstaat’.