Installation overview


Installation frontview




Former situation



site-specific installation. 4x 8 meters

Kasteel De Lovie Poperinge. Kunstenfestival Watou Sense of Place

Thanks to Mondriaanfonds and Stichting Stokroos

Technics: Fons Snelder, Simon Claessen


water basin, reflection, rippling system, black frap, wooden bars

During the construction of the castle and domain De Lovie, the region had to deal with a serious famine. Even though the castle owners showed great concern, the contrast between the wealth of the aristocrats and the poverty of the craftsmen was huge.

Central at the great hall a water basin is installed. Every 10 seconds an electronic arm embedded at the long side of the basin brings the water into the current as a result of which the mirroring of the word OVERVLOED, the walls, and the ceiling will be distorted by the ripplings.

Water has a multiplicity of meanings, and its reflection refers to reflection as a way of philosophical thinking.