overview opening




potato mountain



Space-filling site-specific event. 6x 10 meters

Circa…dit Wildtuin 4. Collaboration with Koen Kievits

Thanks to van der Windt aardappelen, fourage & transport and Historische Stadskelders Arnhem


400 kilo’s rejected potato’s 

A visit to the Historic City Cellars of Arnhem and the preservation of food was the starting point of our collaboration and inspiration for our exhibition.

Every Dutch person wastes an average of 2.5 kilos of food per month. Related to this, each visitor received a bag containing 2.5 kilos of potatoes upon arrival and was asked to dump them into the exhibition hall through the ventilation shaft, creating a potato mountain there.

An excursion to the City Cellars was organized at the opening.

After the exhibition, the potatoes were donated to the IJsselhoeve as food for the cows.